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Sponges have been identified

Marine Sponges: Hawai'i

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Marine sponges were once thought to be one of the simplest multicellular organisms of the metazoans. Instead, these organisms are actually highly complex and ecologically important to the reef ecosystem, especially in the Caribbean. Diaz and Rützler (2001) highlighted at least six important functional roles sponges play in Caribbean coral reefs: primary production and nitrification through complex symbiosis; chemical and physical adaptation for successful space competition; capability to impact the carbonate framework through calcification, cementation and bio-erosion; and the potential to alter the water column and its processes through high water filtering capabilities. As of August 31, 2011 the number of taxonomically recognized species of Porifera is 8,553, the vast majority of which (83%) are Demospongiae (Van Soest et al. 2012). In the same study, Van Soest et al. (2012) predicted that at the end of the…

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